Wasa-Beef Burger 
(210g Grass fed beef patty, Onion rings, Fresh onion, Lettuce, Tomato + Wasabi Mayo) 

Chika-Yaki (Grilled / Crispy Chicken)
(Satay / Teriyaki Sauce) 

Japanese Curry Loaded Fries – Vegetarian / Chicken

Mini Curry Rice

Mini Drumstick (Salt & Pepper / Sticky & Spicy) 4pcs  / 7pcs 

Purple Sweet Potato Croquette 3pcs

Spicy Tofu Nuggets
(Fried Tofu Cubes, Korean Chilli Paste, Peking Sauce, Spring Onion, Lettuce, Shallots, Coriander)

Vegetarian Spring Rolls (3pcs)

Our Burgers

Buddha Temple
Respect the Classic
Jumbo Aussie
Gangnam Style
Thai Boxer
Minister Chicken
Oh Crab!
Peking Pork Tacos 3ps


“Lub Lub” Chicken
(Chicken Bites, Salt, Pepper, Chinese Five-Spice)

Octopus Ball
(Pastry W Octopus Filling,
Takoyaki Sauce, Mayo, Bonito Flakes)

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Mini Curry Rice

Mini Drumstick (Salt & Pepper / Sticky & Spicy)

Purple Sweet Potato Croquette

Spicy Tofu Nuggets

bruce chips 470

LoadeD FRies

Bruce Fries (Vegetarian option available)
(Pulled Pork, Sriracha Mayo, Jalapeno,
Spring Onion, Bonito Flake)

Japanese Curry Loaded Fries
(Home Made Curry /Onion / Carrot / Japanese Radish/ Spring Onion)

Chinese Bolognese Loaded Fries
(Chinese Chili Oil / Egg / Bolognese Sauce / Spring Onion / Cheese)

Cheesy Fries (V)
(Triple Cheese / Japanese Mayo /Spring Onion)

Beer & Wine

Beer and Wine with food purchases



House Red/White

DSC_7627 470

About Us

We are the Asian Burger Specialist.

What’s that? Glad you asked! And no, it is not your BBQ pork buns, or your moon cake.

At Kung Fu Burger, we specialise in the use of Asian ingredients combined with Chinese cooking technique, packaged in a burger to give you the unique Asian Burger.

Every burger is created only after countless trial and error, tasting sessions, and practice.

Kung Fu refers to any discipline which requires study, learning and patience to achieve. With this always in mind, the chefs at Kung Fu Burger work tirelessly to bring you the best burger dining experience by constantly surprising your palette with Asian fusion flavours.

We are not your average burger shop. Our mission is to provide you with a dining experience through exciting your palate with our flavours.

And what is dining experience without a great service? We strive to uphold a friendly and attentive service to all of our customers.


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